The idea and process of becoming a home inspector began while sitting in a police car in Long Island, New York and thinking about my future.  No, I wasn’t in trouble but in fact was a policeman for twenty years from 1986 to 2006 in the suburbs of New York City.  My construction experience along the way included years of handyman and carpentry services, as well as helping home inspectors on the North Shore of the Island with their services and inspections. Very few days off as a youngster as I patrolled by night and honed my construction knowledge by day. It was in that Police car one fine morning in 2005 having coffee with a fellow co worker that I decided to retire from the department, move my wife and three kids to Cape Coral, Florida, start a new life for the children as well as hatch the idea of Lee County Inspection Services Home Inspections. 

This new company in Lee County would provide an honest. reliable and knowledgable service mostly for new home buyers… people who are making probably the biggest investment in their life in buying a new home.  They now put their trust in you, the home inspector, to inspect their new house in the most thorough of manners, leaving not even a cracked tile or the smallest of defects unnoticed. A detailed approach and inspection.  Time and patience spent in explaining to the client many of the different systems and components that exist within the new walls. This is where the children will play and family pets will lay… quite honestly we started in 2007 taking very seriously our responsibility in providing unmatched standards of practice for a safe and efficient living environment for the new home buyer, evolving over time each year to become the 30 page, 60 plus photo inspection and report we provide today.

Each year we have grown to what is now in 2015 a two man team in the field daily providing unrivaled service and turnaround times on reports. Both men State licensed home inspectors with experience now on the construction of the Florida lifestyle homes that exist in Southwest Florida, including licensing requirements up to three stories for both residential and commercial. Special thanks to our office manager Josh Harvel who is hard at work daily providing unmatched customer service and response.  What else do we do?

-10% Lowes Coupon up to $5000.00 total purchase to every client?!?  DONE!

-Slashed and discounted rates on Insurance inspections including Wind Mitigation, Four Point Inspections and Roof Certifications?!?  DONE!

– Guaranteed same day turnaround on reports or you don’t pay?!?  DONE