-Mold/air quality environment testing
-Radon testing
-Well water surveys

The problems with mold and its allergens and toxins has been around since the beginnings of time. Our abilities to identify invisible toxic spores and take the steps to remediate have improved vastly to current testing and sampling techniques.

Radon is another silent invader, an invisible gas emitted from the ground that can enter your house through many cracks or breaks in seal around your foundation. Radon is a very big health concern, the second leading cause of lung cancer in our country behind cigarette smoking. The surgeon general has recommended that ALL homes in the United States be tested for Radon.


      Need a well water survey for recommended annual testing or a new loan? We are here for you, certified technicians ready to serve. All water samples are brought to Sanders Laboratories in Ft Myers for analysis.

Lee County Inspection Services Home Inspections is fully licensed in Mold assessment, testing and remediation supervision.  Generally it takes 24 hours for mold to start growth and 5-7 days for mold to germinate and grow sufficiently to produce spores. Many homes in South West Florida sit in humid environments for months or even years prior to sale! Our company is prepared to do on site testing if signs of mold or poor environmental conditions exist… 

We are also state licensed Radon technicians, prepared to set up for radon testing upon request. Our inspection teams are equipped with Radalink radon monitors if needed. On average high levels of radon exist in one out of every six residences in Southwest Florida.

Kim Buttacavoli
Kim Buttacavoli
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Lee County inspection services is an excellent, professional, and very knowledgeable company that you MUST hire for your home inspection needs. They are completely on point. Quick scheduled appointment and a very precise inspection.

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