Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation report can help you save on your insurance premiums.

Save on your insurance premiums today with our complete wind mitigation inspection service and evaluation. Homeowners in Southwest Florida have saved as much as 50% on their homeowners’ insurance premiums with Wind Mitigation reports and discounts.
During a wind mitigation inspection, our certified inspector will review construction features within your home that can help prevent or reduce the damage which may occur during a hurricane; features such as roof shape and coverings, window and door protection, hurricane straps within roof to wall attachments, and other components built toward storm stability.
Most houses built after 1994 have many wind mitigation construction features and will likely qualify for significant reductions and annual savings on your wind insurance and homeowners’ policy. In Southwest Florida we follow the FBC (Florida Building Code) which was updated in 2001. This is not to be confused with the SFBC, which pertains to the Miami Dade area and much of the East Coast.
Betsy Caballero
Betsy Caballero
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I was in need for a home and wind mitigation inspection, rather quickly. I worked with John Brooks. He was very responsive, professional and accommodating. The inspection report was very detailed and provided plenty of photos of the home. John and his team were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend hiring them!

Over 90% of existing homes have structural elements which will qualify for some form of insurance premium discount. Contact us today for your FREE consultation with a wind mitigation inspector and find out which discounts you qualify for and how much money we can save you!

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