4 Point Inspection

Avoid higher insurance premiums if you own or are purchasing an older home.

Homes built more than 25 years ago have an increased risk of water and fire damage, and as a result, insurance companies are asking for 4 point inspections all homes built before or during the year 1990.

By having your home professionally inspected by Lee County Inspection Services, we can help you avoid higher insurance premiums usually associated with owning an older home.

Our inspectors will rate each of these systems for condition, upgrades, age and expected lifespan.

Our 4 point inspections target four key components to your home:

John Donaghy
John Donaghy
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I had an inspection done by John who was hired by my real estate agent, since I am from out of town. An appointment was scheduled quickly. I was present at inspection and John was very knowledgeable and thorough, he also took time to explain. His report was received quickly and was also very informative and thorough. I would highly recommend Lee County Inspections and certainly use them again.

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