Well Water and What You Should Know!

Thank you for taking the moment to read on about this hugely important subject, the safety of our homes water and in particular the water in private well systems.  Most homeowners with a private well system I believe do not know some of the important facts that go with maintaining the integrity of and owning […]

Roof Shapes and Coverings, What You should Know!

As previewed in our Home Inspections newsletter, this discussion revolves around roof shapes and roof coverings: their affect on a homes integrity under heavy winds or hurricane conditions as well as their affect on insurance rates and availability. The Hip Roof as previously mentioned is currently the most popular as far as new construction because of its superiority […]

Our new ” Buy Back Your Home” Guarantee on all Home Inspections!

Yes it is true and we are quite proud to announce things that bring more to our clients as far as protection and satisfaction.  Our Home Inspectors are both FABI and InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspectors in the field daily throughout Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties.  Because of our qualifications we are now able to […]

Home Inspector, Guardian Angel or Deal Killer?!?

It is of great importance that a home inspector has the necessary people skills as well as report writing skills to communicate to a buyer the actual condition of a property that they may be purchasing. From the moment of introduction through inspection and delivery of report the inspector should be diligent in communication and […]

Water Heaters, Do You Know?

Yes water heater tanks, not usually on our to do list in the home as far as maintenance.  But did you know that your water heater could be the single most dangerous component in your home if it malfunctions?  The TPR valve ( Temperature Pressure Release) that we mentioned in our email if not functional or bad can […]

Polybutelyne Plumbing Supply Piping, What you should Know!!

This has taking me way to long to blog about, the infamous polybutelyne plumbing supply that is creating many issues today in real estate transactions here in Southwest Florida.  Why?  Because insurance companies will no longer insure a home once this piping is identified to be within its walls. Four Point inspections are being sought […]

Four Point Inspections, What You Should Know!

Four Point Inspections, very important topic in the Florida Real Estate Industry… and yes, there are red flags which can prevent the homeowner or home buyer from getting insurance until repaired. Red flags such as Braided Cloth Electrical Wiring, Federal Pacific or Challenger Electrical Panels in the electrical system or Polybutelyne Plumbing Supply in the […]

Snakes and Home Inspections

SNAKES! Always an interesting topic for the home inspector as they always seem to appears when you are not thinking of one, but instead concentrating on the insulation on the HVAC line or some other inspection responsibility… I have seen snakes under A/C units, in water heater closets, in attics and even under a refrigerator!  Yes, […]

Lee County Inspection Services Home Inspections

The idea and process of becoming a home inspector began while sitting in a police car in Long Island, New York and thinking about my future.  No, I wasn’t in trouble but in fact was a policeman for twenty years from 1986 to 2006 in the suburbs of New York City.  My construction experience along […]